Personal Biography

Suleyman Berk was born in Bursa in 1964. He completed his elementary, secondary and high school education in Istanbul. He graduated from Marmara UniversityFaculty of Theology in 1988. He worked as District Mufti of the Presidency of Religious Affairs for a couple of years. Then, he became a research assistant at Ataturk University between 1994 and 2000. He worked as Technical Consultant and Head of Committee at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Arts and Vocational Training Courses (ISMEK) until October 2010. Then, he took part in Zeytinburnu Municipality Arts and Vocational Training Center as Educational Consultant until May 2012. Currently, Mr. Berk is a lecturer at Yalova University Faculty of Theology.He began to practice thulth-naskh style calligraphy under the auspices of the late calligraphist Yusuf Ergün (Erzincânî). He practiced riqa with calligraphist Professor Muhittin Serin. He took private Tashîh-i Hurûf (Correction of Letters) courses from Bâyezid Mosque imam Master Ismail Biçer. He submitted his doctoral dissertation titled “Celi Sülüs (Thuluth) and Tughra Aesthetic of Calligraphist Mustafa Râkım” under Professor Muhittin Serin’s supervision.Mr. Berk published “Calligraphist Mustafa Râkım Effendi” in 2003. He edited “Calligraphists of Eyup” for Eyup Municipality Publications in 2004 and “The Art of Calligraphy” for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Publications in 2006. His fourth book named “Timeless Stones (Two Volumes)” was published by Zeytinburnu Municipality Publications in 2006. He prepared Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s book titled as “Calligraphist Necmeddin Okyay” for publication in 2011. In the meantime, Mr. Berk has published several scholarly articles, submitted presentations at conferences and given lectures on “the Art of Calligraphy.”

Mr. Berk has held many calligraphy exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Hereceived “Calligraphy Award” from the Ministry of Culture. He was appointed to promote the Art of Calligraphy in Australia by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. He servedas a juror in several competitions regarding calligraphy.